The long awaited CD "Lived That Song Before" is back from production, all cello-wrapped and ready for your enjoyment. I haven't had an official release party just yet, as I'm checking out several venues trying to figure out where you'll have the most fun. I'm guessing sometime in July or August we'll have the party. I'm trying to get fellow Tuna Sin-ner Joe K to have his official release party at the same time, at the same place, even though his album "An Then Some" has actually been finished for a while. I’ll update this page and send you an email reminder if you’re on my list.

I’m trying to learn the ropes about the promotion side of the music business, and have had some success in getting internet radio play. In fact, my “Yellow-Haired Rose of Texas” reached number one on the top 30 chart at’s Bus of Real Country program for the week of June 26. That’s twelve days after the release date! Listen to their streaming broadcast at

Go to the My Album link above to find out where to get your copy of the songs and the disc.

In the meantime, find me on Facebook and visit for where my band and I will be playing.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you soon!